Sous Chef – Casino Calgary


The Sous Chef will assist the Head Chef as well as the Food & Beverage Manager in providing “excellent quality” and “presentation” of all food to the guests. Expertise in food product, presentation, quality and preparation along with menu concept and design.


Core Competencies

    • Customer Service
    • Team Work
    • Communication
    • Integrity

Job Duties

      • Leads kitchen team in Executive chef’s absence
      • Provides guidance to junior kitchen staff members, including, but not limited, to line cooking, food preparation, and dish plating
      • Oversees and organizes kitchen stock and ingredients
      • Ensures a first-in, first-out food rotation system and verifies all food products are properly dated and organized for quality assurance
      • Keeps cooking stations stocked, especially before and during prime operation hours
      • Trains new kitchen employees to restaurant and kitchen standards
      • Manages food and product ordering by keeping detailed records and minimises waste
      • Supervises all food preparation and presentation to ensure quality and restaurant standards
      • Works with head chef to maintain kitchen organization, staff ability, and training opportunities
      • Verifies that food storage units all meet standards and are consistently well-managed
      • Assists Executive Chef with menu creation
      • Coordinates with restaurant management team on supply ordering, budget, and kitchen efficiency and staffing



      • Formal Culinary Training
      • Previous Restaurant Experience
      • Extensive Food and Beverage Knowledge
      • Restaurant Industry Knowledge
      • Strong Organizational Skills
      • Attention to Detail
      • Knowledge of Restaurant Regulations,
      • Ability to Work Under Pressure
      • Self-Motivated
      • Creative Problem-Solving Skills


Work Conditions

    • Must be able to lift a maximum of 25-50 lbs. using proper lifting techniques
    • Must be able to stand for 8 hour periods
    • Operate hot cooking equipment
    • Must be able to bend to reach shelves
    • Must be able to carry out light cleaning duties
    • Must be available to work all shifts including evenings, weekends and holidays
    • Must be able to work in a fast-paced working environment
    • Manual dexterity, preparing vegetables, meat and other food items

To apply for this job email your details to tameezajiwani@purecanadiangaming.com