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General Duties and Responsibilities:

Ensure that the PURE Heart Values are implemented and followed by gaming staff

The games manager is the supervisor of the games area in the casino

Each casino is required to have a registered games manager on duty when the casino is in operation.

Must be a registered games manager (major) with AGLC

The games managers for both major and minor casinos report directly responsible to the general manager

The games manager ensures that the games area is operated in accordance with the CTCOG.

The games manager verifies the casino float, bank deposit and chips with the charities general manager

The games manager ensures chips from another casino facility are not accepted


Specific Duties and Responsibilities of the Games Manager:


Contact the AGLC immediately of all suspicions or evidence of cheating at play, theft, unexplained monetary discrepancies of $200 or more or any other illegal activity

Ensure conduct of games follows both CTCOG and posted house rules

Work in co-operation with advisors, charity workers and volunteers to ensure a professional casino operation for the overall benefit and integrity of charitable gaming

Ensure all casino workers are currently registered with the AGLC

Ensure shift schedules are prepared, and co-ordinate gaming staff breaks

Ensure all dealers stand while conducting a game when required

Supervise pull of all drop boxes for interim and final counts

Ensure all drop boxes are attached to the correct table before and after each pull

Ensure security of games, including control and access to keys for chip trays

Ensure games area is arranged as required in section 9 of the CTCOG and individual pits do not exceed 24 games

Provide pit supervisor with required forms

Receive cards following casino final close, ensures cards are kept in secure storage (minimum 14 days) and are defaced before releasing them

Report any error or procedural irregularities in games operations, including any breach of public order during casino to general manager ensuring a Discrepancy Report (DR) with details is submitted to the AGLC as required

Submit proposed new House Rules to the Licensing and Charitable Gaming Branch for review at least 21 days before implementation

Remain available to the charity always during the event and maintain a visible presence

Remain in the casino facility always while on duty

Report immediately the personal possession of chips by registered casino workers to the AGLC, and immediately implement disciplinary action

Complete required operational reports each day

Work with the various departments to deal with staff issues

When required, serve as the Lead Manager on Duty/Acting General Manager

Deal with guest concerns from every department

Assist with the Floor Supervisor role as required by day to day operation.  This includes but is not limited to:

Assisting with coaching sessions

Helping roll out frontline initiatives

Training staff as required


The Games Manager oversees the operations of the gaming department.  They exist as the go between for the charity operations and the facility operations.  When serving as the Manager on Duty, the Games Manager is directly responsible for the operation of each and every department, from janitorial to surveillance.  They also serve as the primary reporting body for the day to day operations.  The various mandatory reports, sent to the corporate office, are key to conveying the day to day operations for their site, companywide.


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